Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Just a quicky

Walked past this yesterday - Ricky and Nicki, advertising some sort of make-up product. Stuck on the window of Debenhams.

I'd forgotten who made it so googled and found this, for some reason I felt the need to watch 25 seconds of a clip in which Nicki Minaj says "When I was chosen by mac cosmetics to be the next viva glam spokesperson I wanted to hug everyone that worked at mac-" YOU GO GIRL, THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT.

Sorry I digress too much into what might sound like a critique of celebrity advertising campaigns, I have one thing to say and one only - what's up with this choice of photo?

Ricky Martin is roaring at the camera and clearly planning to smash Nicki Minaj's skull in. A bit violent.

But what's his motivation?

You don't have to look particularly close to notice that Nicki Minaj is clearly signalling the word "wanker". You can practically see her saying the word out loud, somewhere between the n and the k sound as this picture was taken. Presumably they had some sort of altercation and she thought he'd minced off to get a latte, she leans over her motorbike and makes a rude hand gesture, not realising he's right behind her and about to drop a giant lipstick on her head.

Now I know the fashion industry loves using shock images to sell products (here's Lindsay Lohan in lingerie pretending to be murdered), I'm just a bit taken aback that old snakehips Ricky Martin is at it too.

Violence against women: not acceptable. Even if she says you're a wanker.


  1. As a linguist I must disagree with your observation on her mouth shape. I know it's hard for you scientists to understand but that is not the right shape for the sound you described.

    1. go say the word 'wanker' in the mirror

    2. Can't take what you dish out?

    3. Daaaan no I meant go look at what it looks like, I literally spent 2 minutes saying it out loud, it totally looks like that! Wasn't calling you a wanker


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