Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I watched the sickest ting ever on the bbc

Breaking news: you should totally devote four hours to watching 'One Night' on the BBC iplayer. It's really bloody good. You got til Friday to watch the first one. Get on it.

Here's a short list of reasons why I think it's good:

1. The concept. It's four episodes long and shows the same 24-hour period from the perspective of four different characters. It's interesting cos it shows how in life you never really get the full picture, how you can be tricked by people or misjudge situations.

2. The cinematography. It has some lovely cinematography. Lots of really nice camerawork that is pretty to look at.

3. It's got Jessica Hynes in and she is absolutely fantastic as per always.

4. The characterisation is really good, how at one point you want to write off certain characters as total shits then suddenly you see a different side to them so the whole way through you're not sure how much you want to sympathise and how much you want to condemn.

5. The child actors. A few of the central characters are children, and I didn't spend the whole time wanting to strangle them for being shit at acting. It might be that my usual overcriticalness of child actors is because I'm really upset that I was never 'discovered' and made into a famous child actor, and at 20 years old I am only just beginning to come to terms with this, but I'm pretty sure there was some child acting here that was better than average. Especially the kid who played the character Alfie. And on a side note, he looks a bit like socialism's new golden boy Owen Jones.

Proof: compare this clip of Owen Jones to this one of  The Kid Who Played Alfie. I think you see what I mean.

And while we're (sort of) on the subject of the world's collective loss at me being overlooked as a child acting prodigy, Warner Brothers really should have waited two years to make the first Harry Potter film. I would have been far better than that Daniel Radcliffe. My sister likes to make a similar joke about the fact that she should have been Hermione instead of Emma Watson, but she conveniently forgets that not only was she the right age to go to the open casting, she didn't actually go to the open casting. So it's her fault. I would have made a great Harry if those greedy film honchos had just been a bit more patient. Daniel Radcliffe doesn't even need glasses.

Back to One Night, here's the trailer for the show. Give it a watch.

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