Thursday, 22 March 2012

Stupid Things People Say/Do/Eat #1

During termtime I work in my college bar one night a week, and was recently approached by someone who asked for "a vodka and lemonade on the rocks". I'm not one of these smug experts about all kinds of drinking stuff and I have no formal bar training other than how to work the till, but I'm pretty sure that this guy was an idiot. A drink "on the rocks" is a spirit or something over ice with no mixer. It isn't any old drink with ice cubes in it. He thought saying "on the rocks" sounded cool, but it made him sound like a nob.

Yesterday I saw a guy driving an Audi TT convertible. In gold. Fair enough if you've got enough money to get a TT then it's kinda cool even if it's a little bit flashy. It's admittedly a nice car and everything. But getting it in gold makes you look like a nob. 

Some of my friends think it is acceptable to ruin a fried breakfast by putting ketchup all over it. And not just a little bit of ketchup, a huge blob of it all over the place so the smell gets in your nose and it ruins my day. Ketchup should be on chips only. Otherwise you're a nob. 

Oh and by the way, the same is true for brown sauce.

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