Sunday, 24 February 2013

Useful ways to spend your time

1. Win your college's annual pancake race.

2. Log into Grindr and upload a photo of a crow. Wait for the messages to roll in.

3. Update your CV then forget to apply for jobs in time for the application deadlines.

4. Tinker with your privacy settings on Facebook

5. Consider uninstalling some programs from your computer in the hope it will run faster without them.

6. Devise a dance routine for the song 'Control' by Janet Jackson.

7. Respond to your Grindr messages.

8. Devise another dance routine for Janet Jackson's 'Black Cat'. And take a moment to fully appreciate that she wrote this song herself and that she is an overlooked genius.

9. Admire the many faces of the Jackson siblings.



10. Check Grindr again.

11. Write a blog.

12. Put on the kettle. Consider getting back to work.

13. Watch a film.

14. Sleep.

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